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cut ruby gemstone with inclusions
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July’s Birthstone is the Ruby.  It is corundum with a color range from pink, crimson red to orange red. It is a heart chakra stone and encourages the stimulation of the loving emotional side toward nurturing.  It has been used to stabilize one’s economic status and helps one to follow bliss!  This could be a very good stone for the many who have suffered these harder economic times by losing a job.  It could help in finding an authentic life expression, doing what you love and perhaps beginning a new fulfilling venture! “It can assist one in changing one’s world, promoting creativity and expansiveness in awareness and manifestation!” (Melody, “Love is in the Earth“, p. 573. If you are interested in owning a raw, extremely beautiful ruby consider the Almadine Garnet, a naturally occuring gemstone in dodecahedron form.  It is one of my favorite stones in my own crystal healing bundle….  It almost looks black but taken into the light you see the ruby flecks.  It is heavy too.  If you are interested in getting one of these, please write to me and I can provide one to you.  This might be the perfect stone to create that new authentic life expression catapulting you into financial success. You can click on any one of the images below to purchase these pieces of ruby jewelry.  These rubies are set in 18K gold.



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