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I have developed a protocol of crystal and sound healing. It is based on my various bodywork studies of Polarity Energy Balancing, Craniosacral work and many years of studying  chakras and meditation. Striking the stones or gems with tuning forks releases not only the geometries of the stone or crystal lattice structure but is effective because of the resonance entrained with the molecules held within our bloodstream and lymph system. Forming an intention before hand,  placing that intention into water before drinking sets up the matrix for the energetic work on the table along with the frequencies of the stones and amplified by the tuning forks. It is similar to acutonics but my own system. Many have wondered about the benefits of these sound & crystal sessions. Here is my response to you: * Restores the integrity and healthy functioning of our immune system, promotes resilience to stress, supporting well being. * Promotes the Ideals of love, Beauty, and Harmonic Vibrations as essential building blocks int he new energetic healing paradigm. *Reweaves the vibrational fabric of our energetic fields where tears, fissures, and breaks in our subtle energy fuel have occurred through stress, disease, accidents, or emotional shock. * Restores our energetic blueprint. * Attune the human heart with the Divine Heart, the human mind with the Divine Mind,, and the human will with the Divine Will.
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The reason crystals are so potent for vibrational healing is that they contain “Codes of Light” and the “Rays of Divine Consciousness”.  The Unified Energy Field (UEF) of the whole cosmos is reflected in the gemstones, jewels, and the various “rocks” of our Earth‘s crust. Think of crystals and gemstones as containing the “frozen light” of the Divine. Pure in their crystalline structures and the type of Light they refract, they imbue pure qualities into our own auric energy fields. If we saw the geometrical forms of the crystalline structures of these beautiful rocks and gemstones, we would be amazed at how “high-tech” these structures would appear. Vibrational healing uses the physics of resonant fields to amplify and attune to higher frequencies. In my crystal attunement sessions I begin with the proven energy healing techniques of Polarity Energy Balancing, craniosacral therapy and also use crystals and tuning fork vibrations to effect the electromagnetic energy field of a person. People report these sessions have such beneficial effects. The crystals amplify and attune our energy field and our energy centers to the various (healing) Rays…covering the spectrum of visible rainbow colors. According to the ancient Vedic system of healing each color or ray affects a certain physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy center (chakra) which makes up our energy field. As an example, the Orange Ray matches up with the color of the 2nd chakra, or our sacral center. This center affects  our creativity, specifically our reproductive systems, but also affects our emotions and emotional body as well. Although there are many stones that can have a beneficial effect on the  Sacral center, one I like to use is Orange Calcite. Yes, the effects of crystals or gemstones and the vibrations of various sounds to effect healing seem subtle compared to the effects of some of our pharmaceuticals, and various stimulants and depressants…but after all we are dealing with the subtle realm…and this is where everything happens first, before it manifests in the physical realm. Actually, some pharmaceuticals do come from minerals. One beautiful crystal I use is Kunzite, a stone associated with Love which actually contains lithium. Instead of using these minerals biochemically, like in a drug, crystal attunements vibrationally effect the  electromagnetic field of a person. Our planet is being bathed by more intense rays from our Sun and other cosmic sources…this is a fact. “Ascension” seems to be the spiritual metaphor of this fact, where our consciousness is also being effected. We are having to evolve to be able to receive more of this Light. As scientists are learning about new physics and we are becoming more aware of this subtle quantum realm, it concomitantly brings forth new thought and new modalities….funny thing, though…it seems that ancient healing techniques are more in tune with these new discoveries!
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July’s Birthstone is the Ruby.  It is corundum with a color range from pink, crimson red to orange red. It is a heart chakra stone and encourages the stimulation of the loving emotional side toward nurturing.  It has been used to stabilize one’s economic status and helps one to follow bliss!  This could be a very good stone for the many who have suffered these harder economic times by losing a job.  It could help in finding an authentic life expression, doing what you love and perhaps beginning a new fulfilling venture! “It can assist one in changing one’s world, promoting creativity and expansiveness in awareness and manifestation!” (Melody, “Love is in the Earth“, p. 573. If you are interested in owning a raw, extremely beautiful ruby consider the Almadine Garnet, a naturally occuring gemstone in dodecahedron form.  It is one of my favorite stones in my own crystal healing bundle….  It almost looks black but taken into the light you see the ruby flecks.  It is heavy too.  If you are interested in getting one of these, please write to me and I can provide one to you.  This might be the perfect stone to create that new authentic life expression catapulting you into financial success. You can click on any one of the images below to purchase these pieces of ruby jewelry.  These rubies are set in 18K gold.



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Light and Sound are the most fundamental of all creative forces. In the Bible, when God created the Universe He said “Let there be Light and there was Light!” As He created our Beautiful Planet Earth he created her body from the elements of the universe.  He created the mineral kingdom first. Therefore, crystals and minerals represent the most pure and potent  form of Spiritual Light known on Planet Earth! Crystal energy attunement sessions are “Sound and Light” sessions. Clients are able to integrate what is going on in their life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They are moved by the fact that although I do not know them personally, their spiritual natures and the processes they are going through are brought forward and acknowledged in a profound way. Here is  some of  the value they report from their sessions: -relief from stress by receiving healing and supportive touch -acknowledgement of their personal trials -affirmation and expression of their unique and emerging gifts -peacefulness through the integration of their physical, emotional and mental energy -connection to their internal Beauty through the beauty and aesthetics of the crystals -empowerment to take action in their life -awareness of current processes or events in their life -experiencing a heart-centered context of understanding -more trust in a supportive Universe -sometimes past life experiences are brought forward -sometimes the ancestry of their spiritual DNA is brought forward Everyone always reports their sessions as being gentle, soothing and supportive, bringing them back to their “Radiant Selves”. Sometimes I have struggled with putting into words the “value” of these sessions. I have come to realize that it is because our culture has not combined the aesthetics of Love and Beauty into our mainstream healing paradigm . These Crystal Energy sessions attune the human heart with the Divine Heart, the human mind with the Divine Mind, and the human will with Divine Will. The ancients knew the value of aesthetics, ideal form and beauty, and the reflection of these Spiritual ideals  into our physical life. These are necessary and essential components for healing and represent the future of healing.
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In the mid-80’s, I got my first clear quartz crystals.  A friend brought a large lot of Brazilian-mined clear quartz crystals.  We sat there and used our pendulums to determine which of all of those quartz crystal points were going to be the most beneficial for our work…for us and our clients’ “highest and best good”. Through this process, I chose 22 (hmmm…a master number!) quartz crystal points, all of them Lemurian seed crystals.  It is easy to tell which crystals are Lemurian and are identified as such because they have deep striations on their shafts.  These are said to have been programmed by the ancient Lemurians.  Over Paired Crystalsthe years, I have come to learn that fourteen of these points are “paired”.  In that bundle, there were also 4 small points, two double terminated points, and one “twin” crystal point (where there are two fused crystals as one point).  I consider all the quartz crystals to be of a particularly high vibration.  I consider them my “workhorses”, for they provide not only power on their own, but they serve to amplify my other crystals and gemstones.  They are easily programmable and I have programmed mine to be receiving information from the Holy Trinity, Ascended Masters and the angelic realm…all Beings of Light for our Highest and Best Good. I have a  beautiful relationship with my crystals and have had many of them for a very long time.  Some have been given to me by my Dad when I was about 12, some people have given me; some, I feel compelled to get when I see them and some I have “quested” for.  They are all so beautiful.  I am in awe of the sheer age of these members of the mineral kingdom! I have two larger crystals that are very special.  Temple Beautiful Channeling Crystal One I call my Temple Beautiful crystal which I use as a “wand” of sorts…it directs energy and I think of it as directing outgoing energy, describing the spirals, circles I get as directions in my channeled readings, and just plain “powering up” the other crystals.  The other one, I call my “Channeling Crystal”.  It is a very beautiful, mysterious crystal.  It is a “recorder” meaning that it has a small pyramid shape on one of the faces.  It is said that these pyramidal shapes were programmed by the Lemurians and the information can be accessed by gently moving your fingernail over the etched part.  This particular crystal seems very extra-special to me because it has an extra tabular like configuration which I think of as an interdimensional “elevator” to take me to other dimensional realms. Other crystals that are part of my bundle are 4 natural octahedronal fluorites, a quartz crystal sphere, a natural smoky quartz sphere, an amethyst heart, a large amethyst point, a large and small citrine point, a beautiful optical calcite, a rose quartz, kunzite, celestite, a large opal, amber, lapis lazuli, 2 tourmalines, malachite, nephirte jade, pyrite and black obsidian with red “veins”.  I have a large tumbled red jasper, a leopard agate, and some volcanic lava.
Crystal Healing Bundle

"Crystal Healing Bundle"

Some of the members of my healing bundle I have “found” or maybe they found me.  And that’s an interesting aside:  crystals will leave you when they’re ready or done their work with you…!  For instance, I recently bought an aquamarine obelisk I was wearing and it came out of its setting.  It didn’t totally leave so it is part of my healing bundle but I no longer need to wear it on my body.  Anyway, back to the questing…I found a beautiful piece of worn coral on the beach of St John in the Virgin Islands…it looks like a joyful baby to me and most people think it looks like a goddess. One of my friends says it looks like a “Shiela Na Gig”, an Irish, druidic fertility goddess.  I also have a coral “left ear” that I found (not even on a beach) when I was developing my clairaudience.  There are also many other little stones and pieces of wood that I have quested and mean something to me although they are not part of my healing bundle. I also use faceted gemstones.  The faceting provides a strength to the “rays” emitted by the gems.  Although faced gemstones are small, their energies can be “amplified” by the quartz crystals.  Faceted Crystals I have sapphires, rubies, moonstones, herkimer diamonds (which I got in Herkimer, NY), rose quartz, amethysts, chalcedony (various colors and cabochon shapes), turquoise, peridots, topaz of various colors, aquamarines, carnelians, snowflake obsidian, tanzanite, sunstone, jade agates, and even cubic zirconia.  By the way, CZs emit a “peaceful” quality vs. the “perfection” emanated by diamonds.  Besides individual stones, I have tied several of the same color in netting in the full range of chakra colors.  The bundles hold more carats of the gem, certainly carry many, many facets and just practically, they won’t get lost when you place them on someone! Recently, I have gotten some “aura” quartz, those quartz crystals which have been infused with heavy metals.


Aqua Aura is infused with Gold; Flame Aura is infused with Titanium and Niobium, Opal or Angel Aura is infused with pure Platinum. Tanzine Aura is infused with Indium and Gold; Imperial Gold Aura is infused with vaporized iron titanium and other trace metals; Champagne or Smokey Aura is create when the quartz is super-heated in a vacuum and infused with vaporized Gold and Indium.  Champagne Aura and Indigo Aura both contain Gold and Indium, however, due to a slightly different a different color and vibration are created.  Ruby Aura is made electrostatically heating Gold, Silver and Platinum resulting in a gorgeous permanent and vibrant Ruby color.  All of these “Auras” are incredibly beautiful and  iridescent.  They not only hold the quartz vibration bu the vibration of the other precious metals combines with the quartz and the higher vibration of the color ray itself.  The iridescent seems to take the ray “up an octave”.
I usually receive “sacred geometry” in a reading.  Recently, I purchased a set of platonic solids carved from quartz.  I also got a pyramid since that is a very common form that is in the readings.  The pyramid is lead crystals but does a fine job.  Platonic Solids and Pyramid So, this is my basic healing bundle.  I think it’s important to remember that Mother Earth, Gaia, has provided us all these beautiful etheric realm “rays” in solid form. How joyfully abundant it is to work with these jewels in my readings!!  I often think how incredible it is to live in a time when I can have these gifts.  I couldn’t be any richer than any monarch of any “Land” with their treasure troves of jewels. The energy of these crystals are available to you when you make an appointment for an energy session!  They can connect you to the Higher Realms and to your Soul’s purpose!  They are here to joyfully serve you! Go to the Home page and send a note to Naomi or call for a remote appointment at 720-887-3421!