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I have developed a protocol of crystal and sound healing. It is based on my various bodywork studies of Polarity Energy Balancing, Craniosacral work and many years of studying  chakras and meditation. Striking the stones or gems with tuning forks releases not only the geometries of the stone or crystal lattice structure but is effective because of the resonance entrained with the molecules held within our bloodstream and lymph system. Forming an intention before hand,  placing that intention into water before drinking sets up the matrix for the energetic work on the table along with the frequencies of the stones and amplified by the tuning forks. It is similar to acutonics but my own system. Many have wondered about the benefits of these sound & crystal sessions. Here is my response to you: * Restores the integrity and healthy functioning of our immune system, promotes resilience to stress, supporting well being. * Promotes the Ideals of love, Beauty, and Harmonic Vibrations as essential building blocks int he new energetic healing paradigm. *Reweaves the vibrational fabric of our energetic fields where tears, fissures, and breaks in our subtle energy fuel have occurred through stress, disease, accidents, or emotional shock. * Restores our energetic blueprint. * Attune the human heart with the Divine Heart, the human mind with the Divine Mind,, and the human will with the Divine Will.
Our Aura contains the electromagnetic fields of our physical and subtle bodies. Did you know that our Sensations, Feelings, Thoughts & Emotions each have their own fields? Our Aura can lose strength because of the various devices we commonly use (microwaves, computers, cell phones, etc) which also have electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and negatively  impact our own electromagnetic field. Airline travel (crossing the longitudes and latitudes of the earth’s own magnetic field and going high into the atmosphere) can disrupt our auric field. The solar storms over the last few months  effect our Auras. If we are also going through any kind of transitions, events or circumstances that stress us on physical, emotional and mental levels we can also have energetic aura “leakages”. The results of these auric leakages may cause us to  feel extremely tired, irritable,anxious, nervous, depressed, and particularly sensitive. They can effect our sleep patterns and other biological rhythms. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, there are things we can do to “amp” up our Aura. Particularly useful is wearing  specific combinations of gemstones. Wearing a single refractive stone (diamond, garnet and spinel) of 2-carats on one hand and a double refractive stone (aquamarine, ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz or tourmaline, amethyst, periodot and citrine) of 4-carats or greater on the other hand provides the best energetic support. However, it is not recommended to wear emerald, morganite, alexandrite or aquamarine at the same time as ruby and saphhire. Wearing a chain of noble metals (platinum, gold) and bracelets of these metals on both wrists is best. If you don’t have these expensive metals then silver, copper, brass, titanium and carbon steel will be supportive.  Wearing a chain with a pendant such as lapis lazuli, malachite or azurite will also be stabilizing. The best way to neutralize the effects of a computer is with two large (1 lb-5 lbs) stones of an iron nickel meteorite on one periphery of the screen and a block of malachite on the other. I know this sounds a little bit much, but it would certainly do the trick! Ha! Besides wearing the gemstones and precious metals we can maintain greater aura integrity by using halite salt blocks and air filters in restoring positive ion ratios in rooms that have computers, microwaves and televisions. You can also: *Increase your water consumption to help amplify your electromagnetic energy! *Exercise at least 30 minutes a day *Use salt and mineral baths *Smudge and sage your field *Use the sonic frequencies of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls & tuning forks (my sound and crystal therapy sessions would be very beneficial!) I am greatly endebted to James Tyberron  of for his knowledge in these matters–see one of his articles below. Related articles
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Animation of the structure of a section of DNA...

Animation of the structure of a section of DNA. The bases lie horizontally between the two spiraling strands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Russian scientific researchers have provided evidence that DNA is influenced and can be reprogrammed by words and frequencies! Some of the 90% of what researchers had previously thought was “junk” DNA is now thought to serve as data storage and used for communication. Russian linguists have found that genetic code follows similar constructs as our human languages. They studied the patterns of words that form phrases and sentences and found that alkalines in our DNA follow similar rules as our human languages. These researchers worked on devices  to repair genetic defects with radio waves and light frequencies.  The bottom line is that they found that words and sentences of our human languages modify DNA in the same way that modulated laser rays and radio waves can. Instead of splicing genes,  along with resulting side effects, they found that vibration and language had the same effect, but with no side effects. These changes have been repeatable  if the exact frequencies are used. They also found that if a person’s consciousness was high enough, this person could effect the changes to DNA. This is what our spiritual masters have long been telling us. Again, we are reminded of David Hawkins’ work and the use of  high vibrational words. Sound and light are the essential building blocks of our universe. “In the beginning was the Word…..! “ [This information is from the book “Vernetzte Intelligenze” by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf, ISBN 3930243237 and is only available in German currently. The authors’ website is]
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Today, July 14, 2012, our planet is being bombarded by strong solar flares. These have been increasing and will be even stronger going into 2013. They are bathing our planet in greater electromagnetic emissions. Wikipedia reports solar flares as “producing radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum at all wavelengths, from radio waves to gamma rays although most of the energy goes to frequencies outside the visual range and for this reason the majority of the flares are not visible to the naked eye and must be observed with special instruments. X-rays and UV radiation emitted by solar flares can affect Earth’s ionosphere and disrupt long-range radio communications.” Bottom line, these solar flares can affect our energy fields. If you have had trouble sleeping or are experiencing other physical and/or emotional fluctuations, it may be because of the solar flare activity. I wrote last time that everything has a sound and light frequency. I have been providing my clients with CDs with their missing frequencies. I want to point out that we can also “amp” up our electromagnetic fields (our auras) by wearing gems and gemstones. I posted an article some time ago about Aura Maintenance and want to refresh our memories about it. If we wear colored gems and gemstones we are also providing a missing frequency to ourselves. Below is a chart that can help: Aires – Red gems or gemstones; Music in the Key of C Taurus – Orange/Red gems or gemstones; Music in the Key of C# Gemini – Orange gems or gemstones; Music in the Key of D Cancer – Orange/Yellow gems or gemstones; Music in the Key of D# Leo -Yellow gems or gemstones; Music in the Key of E Virgo –Yellow/ Green gems or gemstones; Music in the Key of F Libra – Green gems or gemstones; Music in the Key of F# Scorpio – Green/Blue gems or gemstones; Music in the key of G Sagittarius – Blue gems or gemstones; Music in the Key of G# Capricorn –Blue /Violet gems or gemstones; Music in the Key of A Aquarius – Violet gems or gemstones; Music in the Key of A# Pisces – Violet/Red gems or gemstones; Music in the Key of B Things you can do to provide Aura Maintenance: You could write to me and I could determine your missing frequencies and make a CD for you, but you can also use your intuition as your guide and just start toning tones you feel inspired by. Start Toning! Make your own sounds! They could be your missing frequencies! Sing a song to your physical problems! One woman I know had an upset stomach and I asked her to sing a song to her stomach. I recorded it and checked out the key and it was indeed the same key as the frequency for the stomach! Wear more gems and gemstones to provide missing light frequencies. If you chose a jewel or gemstone because you loved it, and its color, it is probably is good for you. Take mineral salt baths to amp up your Aura (electromagnetic field). And most important, remember to always Love and take care of yourself!